Bruiser Septic Tank

** When you order this tank you will receive the Norwesco model that is certified to meet tank design codes in your state of installation.

The Norwesco BLUE BRUISER Tank offers extra thick Heavy Duty construction.  Bruisers eliminate the burial cost of buying a special sand/gravel backfill mixture that is required with a standard yellow septic tank.  Plus you and your contractor don't have to wait hours while a standard tank fills with water before burial (see installation instructions).  Without those expenditures the BRUISER is almost always the most cost effective tank over a yellow septic.  The bruiser is also highly recommended if you have rocky soil or tree roots close by.

Polyethylene septic tanks are tough, provide excellent longevity and the best installation cost effectiveness of any material.  Contractors and home owners choose far more Norwesco septic tanks than any other brand because of their extensive installation history and their superior features.


-- 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
-- No assembly required
-- High strength-one piece seamless molded plastic
-- Ease of septic tank installation
-- No special backfill is needed, native soil may be used. Great where delivery of special backfill mixtures is difficult
-- No need to pre-fill with water before burial
-- Excellent sewage corrosion resistance
-- Pre-plumbed 4" inlet and outlet fittings
-- Water tight tank lids
-- Single or Double compartment - (Per state code)
-- Designed to meet specific state code requirements
-- Accepts 4" effluent filters
-- Tall "High Profile" tank.  Takes up less real estate square footage than other options