Shipments are made FOB shipping location. will determine the origin, method, and routing of shipments. All freight charges are the sole responsibility of the customer.

You the customer are responsible for Off-Loading the merchandise at the time of delivery.

Damaged / Incomplete Merchandise

Customers must inspect all products BEFORE signing delivery receipt. By signing for your delivery WITHOUT notation of damage you accept that your merchandise has arrived undamaged.

Title of the merchandise is passed to the carrier at the time of pick-up and passed to you the customer upon delivery. Therefore, when receiving merchandise from a freight carrier, you must make a complete visual inspection before signing the delivery receipt. Products leave shipping facilities in good condition. Once they are turned over to the carrier, damage can occur. Please take one of the following courses of action if a problem is encountered:

1) If damage rendering the product unusable is evident, please refuse delivery of the product. The product will be returned; we will pursue all freight claims and send you a replacement as soon as possible after we have received the item back.

2) If the product has questionable cosmetic damage, is incomplete, or items listed on the delivery receipts are missing, you must properly note this on all copies of the delivery receipt and immediately notify If the delivery receipt is signed without noting the damage, cannot be responsible for collection of claims or replacement of merchandise.

3) Hidden damage, (not detectable at time of delivery), must be reported to TANK-SUPPLY.COM within ten (10) days, or sooner if noted on the carriers delivery receipt. Please read all small print on carriers Bill of Lading for details. does not accept responsibility for damage if it is not noted by the receiver on the Proof of Delivery / Bill of Lading. Once signed for, you will accept all responsibility for the product. You may file a freight claim directly with the carrier for any damage. will be glad to assist in this process.

Delivery Time Frame cannot ensure that any shipment can be made by any specific time or date. We work hard to deliver you the best possible lead times, but there are some situations that cannot control, such as: fire, flood, strike, or other labor difficulty, acts of God, act of any governmental authority or of the purchaser, wrecks or delay in transportation, inability to obtain necessary labor, materials or manufacturing facilities from usual sources or due to any other cause beyond reasonable control. In the event of delay in performance due to any such cause, the date of delivery will be postponed by such length of time as may be necessary to compensate for the delay. In any event, the company will not be liable for costs, including but not limited to any special, incidental, or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of profits or income.

Truck Access Requirements:

Trucks up to 65’ in length may deliver your merchandise. In most cases they cannot enter private driveways or roads, as there is insufficient room to maneuver and turn around. When this is the case, prior arrangements must be made with our Logistics Department to deliver your order to a predetermined location, preferably the nearest public road access to the original destination address.

Possible Additional Shipping Charges
Additional shipping charges may be incurred and billed directly to you, the customer, if the delivery truck is unable to reach your location or if a special truck is needed to make your delivery. Road conditions must be conducive to safe operation of the delivery truck, which is always determined by the driver. There must be adequate room for the truck to drop off and turn around at your location with minimal backing up. At the sole discretion of the truck driver, your merchandise may be dropped at the closest area to your chosen location if the driver determines that road conditions are not conducive to safe operation of the truck. Shipments that are re-directed to an alternate location, by the customer or due to access conditions, may incur additional shipping charges, which will be billed directly to you the customer.

If your merchandise is over-sized, or when any of the following are required or encountered: Special Permits, Pilot Cars, Escorts, Special Routing, Road Construction/Re-Routing of Truck, Truck Size Restrictions, Customer Delays, Locked Gates, etc., additional shipping charges may be incurred and billed directly to you the customer.

Shipping Delays
We understand that late deliveries can cause great inconvenience and frustration to you the customer. While we strive to meet all delivery schedules, on occasion there are extenuating circumstances that are beyond our direct control. This usually has to do with freight carriers and associated problems on their end. In situations where a freight carrier has delayed your delivery for one reason or another, you can be assured that our Logistics Department will do everything possible to help remedy the situation and get your merchandise delivered. Please note that, in general, the freight industry does not honor claims for late or even grossly delayed deliveries.