325 Gallon Spherical Cistern Water Tank

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325 Gallon Spherical Cistern Water Tank


Additional Information

Gallonage 325
Color White Tank (Natural)
Length (in) 54
Width (in) 54
Height (in) 54
Fill/Man Hatch (in) 1-20"
Top Fitting NPT (in) None
Bottom Fitting NPT (in) None
Specific Gravity Rating 1.0
Visibility Below Ground
Material Plastic - Poly (HDPE)
-High Density Polyethylene
SKU 41321
UPC Code 89109413218
Made In United States
Manufacturer Norwesco
Use Water

Product Description

The Norwesco water cistern underground burial storage tank features rugged construction for excellent durability.  This style storage tank is made from high density polyethylene and meets ANSI tank and NSF standards for a potable water tank.  The white (natural) color tank is Norwesco's standard weight potable water cistern, while the blue Bruiser tank is the industry heavy weight water reservoir offering more longevity and ease of installation value.

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